Big Data Centers of Excellence meet at iKnow 2016

Big Data Centers of Excellence meet at iKnow 2016

Twenty-five European Big Data Centers of Excellence met and presented their centers in Graz on Oct 18, 2016. The effort to form a European Network of the National Big Data Centers was initiated by the German and Austrian government and an inaugural workshop was held by Prof. Dr. Stefanie Lindstaedt, Know Center Austria and Prof. Dr. Volker Markl, Smart Data Forum Germany as a part of the iKNOW 2016 conference.

In their workshop, the centers worked together on major pillars of big data: Education, Systems, Analytics, Visualization, and Business Models. The brainstorming and the exchange of ideas ended in a concluding session where the participants collected ideas of different centers and proposed a framework for the further network collaborations. They proposed an increase in exchange and collaboration of research, identifying synergies for educational collaborations, fostering matchmaking between research programs and initiatives, and also sharing best practices on business approaches. In the end of the joint workshop, the representatives of the centers agreed to jointly work on a roadmap for the “next grand challenges of big data research” for the next round of the network which was held at BDVA Valencia Summit 2016.

Other European Research Centers are highly encouraged to join the network. For further information please contact:

Paul Czech, Know Center


Jack Thoms, Smart Data Forum

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Ms. Márta Nagy-Rothengass, the Head of Unit Data Policy and Innovation in DG Connent at the European Commission, presented the EU perspective in the BIG DATA TRENDS AND NETWORKS session

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