Koreanische Delegation zu Besuch im Smart Data Forum


Korean delegation visits Smart Data Forum

On the 8th of December, a delegation from Korea visited Smart Data Forum. The Korean delegation was comprised of experts from the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT and researchers from Artificial Intelligence Industry Association. The main purpose of the meeting was to exchange the latest trends in the field of artificial intelligence and related R&D activities in Germany and Korea.
Dr. Stefan Afting from the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy provided an overview of the future of Germany’s economy and the development of digital technologies initiated and funded by the government. He also introduced how programs focused on artificial intelligence are funded, organized and conducted. Smart Data Forum as an example of such projects and German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence as Germany’s leading AI center were presented.
The Korean delegation reported on their mid-to long term master plan in preparation for the intelligent information society. Establishment and development of data and network infrastructure for intelligent IT is one of Korea’s priorities. This will enable Korean businesses to develop innovative technologies and define their role in the global market. Topics regarding liability regulations, data security and also patents were of particular interest to both sides and raised several questions and interesting conversation.
The visit ended with a tour of the demos at the Smart Data Forum.