German-Finnish Digisummit 2018


German-Finnish Digisummit 2018 at the Smart Data Forum

Smart Data Forum co-organized and hosted the German-Finnish DigiSummit 2018 in Berlin. The event was part of a two day intensive German-Finnish exchange and was organized by DLR Project Management Agency and the Finland Chamber of Commerce. The theme evolved around platforms and standards in automatization (Industry 4.0), solutions for an IoT-enabled future, intelligent solutions in industry, digital business models, and more importantly the possibilities and common ground for cooperation in the aforementioned areas.

The meeting served to introduce some of the BMWi’s projects leading innovation in artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, and 5G to their Finnish counterparts. From Germany Data Space (IDS), FIWARE Foundation, Fraunhofer HHI, Berlin’s Beuth University of Applied Sciences represented Germany’s leverage in governance, research and industry. Finland who is a trendsetter for digital transformation was represented by powerhouses in attendance like Nokia and Elisa and others like augumenta, Demos, Enersense, Futurice, and VTT.

Among the pitches, IC4F was among the well-received ones. Dr.Julius Schulz-Zander (Fraunhofer HHI) pitched IC4F project (Industrial Communication for Factories (IC4F)) which is the technology kit for a trustworthy industrial communication and computing infrastructure for the digitalization and manufacturing industry. The pitch created an active brainstorming among the experts on how to trade vendor opinion for plug-and-play in factories.

From the industry side, Elisa gave an overview of their IoT activities and put into perspective the need for corresponding telecommunication infrastructure for the IoT purposes. Kari Terko also emphasized the importance of predictive maintenance. “Approximately 3,000 configuration changes are processed fully automatically for customers every day. The technical basis of the company is a virtual data lake architecture. Furthermore, there is a toolset for continuous updating and optimization of customer processes.”

Pekka Sivonen from the Business Finland wrapped up the pitch session with laying out his suggestion of cooperation possibilities between Finland and Germany. A joint call in the field of space travel („New Space Economy“) and a networking of Finnish learning platforms with German universities were proposed.

The event was concluded with a networking and match-making reception.

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The Finnish Chamber of Commerce’s Ilkka Lakaniemi (left) and ZIM’s Christian Fichtner (right) begin conceptualizing further plans.

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Elisa’s Kari Terko (left) and DAIN Studios‘ Dirk Hoffmann (right) exchange ideas.

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FiWARE’s Dr. Ulrich Ahle answered questions with Walter Mattauch.