Data Sources

Large amounts of data are being generated every second by billions of devices: from smartphones, wearables, social media, to the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and cyber-physical systems. All these different sources generate highly heterogenous types of data. Before you can start to extract insights from data sets you need to understand requirements and availability and quality problems of you might consider. To ensure that this data is collected and used in a meaningful manner, heavy data storage capabilities have to be developed and employed. The new big data storage has to be able to handle huge datasets and cope with the constant data flow in real-time.

We present the recent challenges and trends of this topic as well as the most important programs and initiatives. Our collection of related sources helps to delve further into the topic.

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Selected Programmes & Initiatives
  • International Data Spaces – A virtual database that supports the secured exchange of data based on standards. (BMBF)
  • SDIL Innovation Lab – An exchange and operating platform for big data applications. Its objective is to accelerate cooperation between the business sector, the public sector and the research community concerning big data and smart data technologies. (BMBF)
  • Kompetenznetzwerk Trusted Cloud – Offers a platform for knowledge exchange on cloud technologies, specifically within the framework of digital transformation of commerce. (BMWi)