IT Security

Digitalization creates many opportunities for businesses and consumers but at the same time they generate challenges that need to be addressed. IT security issues, such as cyber-attacks, hardware failures, identity and personal data thefts pose a big concern to many. Since companies across all industries own important knowledge and data, they easily become targets of hackers and outsiders who either want to obtain that information or to compromise a company’s system.

We present the recent challenges and trends of this topic as well as the most important programs and initiatives. Our collection of related sources helps to delve further into the topic.

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Selected Programmes & Initiatives
  • Competence and Research Centers for IT Security – Three leading competence centres in IT security research, based in Saarbrucken, Darmstadt and Karlsruhe. They support the Federal Government in the area of cyber security. (BMBF)
  • IT-Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft – The most important initiative aimed at improving the level of IT security in SMEs. (BMWi)
  • Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit – An initiative that promotes the Know-How on Cyber Security among German businesses. (BSI)
  • Sichere, vernetzte Datenzentren (SENDATE) – Joint initiative between Germany, France, Finland and Sweden. Main goal is to create networks for the use of flexible, distributed data centres and establish a network infrastructure that will meet future capacity, latency and energy efficiency requirements. (BMBF)