Smart Mobility

Floating Car Data, Car2X, road sensors and signal systems, cell phone data, routes and timetables, infrastructure data, Twitter – in hardly any other sector are so many data sources available as in transportation. Which new data value-added chains and solutions can be created from them? What meaningful insights can we draw from this real-time data flow?

We present the recent challenges and trends of this topic as well as the most important programs and initiatives. Our collection of related sources helps to delve further into the topic.

If you are interested in Open Data repositories for mobility data, please visit our topic pages on data acquisition!

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Selected Programmes & Initiatives
  • National Platform Zukunft der Mobilität (NPM) – Advisory Council of the Federal Government in the field of electric mobility. NPM is the largest and most important national platform for mobility. It emerged from the former initiative – National Platform for Electric Mobility. (Federal Government)
  • Schaufenster Elektromobilität – Joint initiative of BMVI, BMWi, BMBF, BMUB that aims to bundle and make visible the competences in the areas of electric vehicles and transport systems in pilot projects.
  • Mobility & InsurTech Hub – Munich – Institution that links corporates and SMEs with innovation partners from science and the start-up scene at national level. Part of the Digital HUB Initiative. (BMWi)
  • Digital Testbeds – Testing infrastructure of digital technologies on public roads. (BMVI)
  • mFUND – An initiative that supports research and development projects on digital data-based applications for mobility. (BMVI)
  • mCloud – Germany’s largest database with open data on mobility. (BMVI)
  • ARENA2036 – The largest and the leading research platform for mobility in Germany. (BMBF)