Biosensors, high-throughput technologies in life sciences, lifelogging, mobile apps, online registries – the amount of digital, patient-related data is increasing thanks to new possibilities. International research and participative medicine is generating even larger amounts of data that is constantly stored online. How can this data be used for the improvement of therapies and nursing, for example in telemedicine, without affecting the mutual trust between the doctor and patient?

We present the recent challenges and trends of this topic as well as the most important programs and initiatives. Our collection of related sources helps to delve further into the topic.

If you are interested in Open Data repositories for health data, please visit our topic pages on data acquisition!

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Selected Programmes & Initiatives

E-Health Initiative vom Bundesgesundheitsministerium – The main focus of this initiative is on mobile and big data applications whose potential for improved care is to be tapped. (BMG)
Deutsches Telemedizinportal – The German Telemedicine Portal offers the most comprehensive list of all telemedical projects and telemedicine services. It also provides a platform to provide information on news and relevant events in the field of eHealth and telemedicine and to make it accessible to a large number of interested parties. (BMG)
Digital Health – Nürnberg/Erlangen – Digital Hub operating at national level, working on digitizing the health sector. Part of the Digital HUB Initiative. (BMWi)
Health Made in Germany – Initiative for the German healthcare industry. It supports international businesses that are interested in developing partnerships with potential German suppliers. (BMWi)
Interoperabilitätsforum – Association of HL7 Germany, IHE Germany, and the AG Interoperability of the BVITG and the Department of Medical Informatics of the DIN for the achievement of semantic interoperability and to strengthen telemedicine.
Digital Health Innovation Platform – Competitive alliance of industry, research and university medicine. Network of experts and ideas for the digitization in health care.
Nationale Informationsplattform der Medizintechnik – This information platform is aimed primarily at SMEs in the medical technology industry to support them in the innovation process. (BMBF)
Medizininformatik Initiative – This initiative aims to improve the usability of data from healthcare and research. In the coming years, 150 million euros will be made available to strengthen medical research and patient care. (BMBF)
Medical Valley EMN – A leading-edge cluster in which key players from business, science, health care and politics have joined forces and is characterized by a unique interdisciplinary cooperation and transdisciplinary research. (BMBF)
Hospital Engineering Labor – This Living lab develops and tests together with more than 60 partner companies its vision of the hospital of the future.