Project Map and Demonstrator Platform

As more and more Smart Data projects are created, it has become difficult to keep track. The project map shown here is supposed to make it easier to inform yourself about Smart Data applications, which are currently in developement. Additionally, the demonstrator platform aDEPT was designed to support research and developement projects in identifying potentials for synergies and appropriate partners.

Both tools were created and are managed by external providers and provide information only in german language.

Project Map

powered by Fraunhofer IAIS

Fraunhofer Institute IAIS created this map of currently running research projects on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on behalf of Smart Data Forum. A filter function allows to specify searches in the German research landscape by application types, data sources, industry sectors and more. With more than 200 listed running projects this map provides a good overview on research efforts for AI and Machine Learning in Germany. Additionally you can easily comprehend regional clusters of specific research activities. This service is still in developement and further details will be added.

Interested projects can apply to be added to the map. Prior to publication, applications will be reviewed.

The demonstrator platform aDEPT is created at the Research Center for Information Technology. It creates an overview of currently running Smart Data reserach projects and makes their web based demonstrators and prototypes accessible. Thereby it gets easier for potential future users to educate themselves on the state of research in Germany and to find opportunities for cooperation.