Showroom and Best Practices

In our showroom in Berlin we interactive demonstrators to present the exiting and most importantly useful applications, that can already be created from data analysis today. Additionally – surrounded by smart digital technologies – we offer the ideal setting for events for politics, businesses and international delegations.

With the demonstrator platform aDEPT you can also conveniently test web based demonstrators of Smart Data research projects online. An overview of the Smart Data research landscape in Germany is provided by a project map with extensive filter functions, which was created by Fraunhofer IAIS on behalf of Smart Data Forum.

Showroom Berlin

Our exhibition space in Berlin reflects the dynamic developements in the data sector with exciting presentations of projects from research and businesses. At events and workshops you get the opportunity to personally exchange ideas and find partners in relevant projects, initiatives and authorities and to create networks and synergies for your own project developement.

Project Map und Demonstrator Platform

Smart Data project map and demonstrator platform together create a good overview of the where, who and what of Smart Data developement in Germany. aDEPT is till in a beta phase, but already presents online demonstrators of selected projects.