Smart Data training series ended with a success!


Smart Data training series ended with a success!

From May 09-10 2019 the last data science training, organized by Smart Data Forum and Fraunhofer IAIS, took place. More than 15 attendees from SMEs gathered experienced with the most important challenges, key factors and tools for successful data analysis.

In addition to a comprehensive theoretical introduction of the history of AI, modelling as well as methods to evaluate relevant models and processes, attendees learned about KNIME – a user friendly tool for data analytics. During the course of the training many questions regarding practical applications in the SME projects were integrated into the material. Thereby user experience helped to contextualize the subject matter.

The training series was concluded that day. During the last three years, Smart Data Forum was able to offer seven trainings of this kind and enabled many SMEs to get into data science projects. By that we fostered the transfer from research successes to small and medium businesses.

We want to thank our partners from Fraunhofer IAIS and hope all attendees were able to apply their new skills successfully in new or existing projects.