Chinese delegation learns about German eHealth projects

By 22. June 2018News

Chinese delegation learns about German eHealth projects

A Chinese delegation from health-related institutions and commissions, such as Chongqing Cancer Hospital and Chongqing Health Information Center, among others, paid a visit to the Smart Data Forum (SDF) on June 22nd.

The delegation was interested to know more about Germany’s research efforts and current applications in the healthcare sector. The BBDC demo concerning Big Data analytics in the field of proteomics with the employment of Apache Flink and the SAHRA project were of special interest to them. The Chinese delegation sought to know how such projects get permission from patients to use their data for research purposes. Moreover, data privacy was another topic of interest.

The Chinese pointed out that their government has a strong national Smart Health strategy in place, which has started about five years ago with important financial support. However, some regions of China are more advanced in eHealth than others, depending on the financial situation of the region at hand. They added that digital innovations in the healthcare sector are of utmost importance for their country due to the accelerated ageing of population, making medical institutions overcrowded and difficult for them to handle large amounts of medical records.

Telemedical applications are widely used in China already, especially in the field of cardiology where about 70% of the country uses tele-ECG, reaching over a million treatments a year. According to the delegation, about 90% of hospitals in China use electronic patient records and over 80% are employing digitized lab information.

In its National AI Strategy, China has set itself the goal to become the global leader in AI by 2030, covering all main sectors, including eHealth, Mobility and Industry 4.0.