German government releases key points of their AI strategy

By 20. July 2018News, Technology

A first step towards a national AI strategy: German Government decides on key points of “Strategie Künstliche Intelligenz”

On Juli 18 the German government published the key points of “Strategie Künstliche Intelligenz” (only in german). Drawing from this paper’s resolutions, a full Ai strategy is supposed to be developed until november 2018 and presented at the Digital-Gipfel in Nuremberg.

It is the declared goal of the government to reach a leading position in development and application of artificial intelligence. “Artificial intelligence made in Germany” is supposed to become a globally recognized quality label. Part of this is the obligation to use AI in public interest and only while protecting privacy and European ethical values. Among the prerequisites for AI these goals are the creation of an efficient IT-infrastructure and robust IT security systems.

By promoting artificial intelligence, competitive disadvantages for German businesses on the global market are expected to be reduced and the growing importance of AI for economy and research in general are taken into account. Additionally AI-supported applications promise advantages in health care, mobility and environmental protection in the future.

The twelve areas of activity, mentioned in the key points paper, include i.e. strengthening of AI research, transfer of technologies into the market, a broad dialogue with society, international networking, creation of legal certainty and increasing the availability of quality data.

Among the government’s goals are many, which have been mentioned in the paper “Datensouveränität: Fortschritt und Verantwortung”, published in cooperation between TU Berlin, DFKI and Smart Data Forum this year. In general, the German government’s development of an AI strategy draws from consultations with experts, as in the expert hearing on May 29, which also included two subject matter experts from Smart Data Forum’s scientific advisory board: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster and Prof. Dr. Volker Markl.

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Federal Ministers Anja Karliczek and Hubertus Heil presented key points of the AI strategy in Berlin.