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“Next Generation Internet” Workshop

On May 11th the European Commission and Smart Data Forum invited to presentations and workshops of the new initiative Next Generation Internet (NGI). The NGI program was started in autumn of 2016 by the European Commission in order to provide fresh impulses for the internet of the future. Their focus are the European values in the digital world like openness, transboundary collaboration, decentralization, transparency and privacy protection. Therefore, it became a high priority for the Information and Communication Technologies (IKT) development program of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

With “Next Generation Internet”, the European Commission wants to promote innovation and the accessibility of new internet technologies as well as research in this field. The NGI initiative is laid out for a noticeable time frame and will address the topics like stronger privacy protection, new architectures of the internet, decentral data systems and innovative “discovery tools”.

The goal of the event at Smart Data Forum in Berlin was to provide different stakeholders – especially medium-sized business, startups and researchers – with the opportunity to actively contribute and shape the contents of the NGI program and present their vision and goal for the Internet of the future. Following short introductory presentations, 30 participants of the workshop divided into small working groups and articulated concrete expectations and requirements for the main topics of the NGI program.


Contribute! Share your views, concerns, hopes and ideas trough the NGI-futurium-platform:

Further information at Next Generation Internet

Who contributes to Next Generation Internet? The NGI map provides an overview:

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Nicole Muessigmann of the European Commission presents the NGI program

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