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The showroom of the Smart Data Forum displays the rapid progress in Smart Data through the dynamic presentation of exciting projects in research and industry. At events and workshops, you have the opportunity to meet and network with partners from relevant projects, initiatives and authorities, and eventually create synergies that advance your project. The exhibition and event showroom is available to agents and associations for events with a smart data reference.

Antje Nestler

Antje Nestler, Fraunhofer HHI

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Wind Wheel

The objects which are building the Internet of Things are growing and growing. The demo of a wind wheel park is presenting how huge amounts of sensor based data can be evaluated. Energy suppliers control their wind wheels by sensors which are connecting every wheel to each other and reacting in real time on the basis of data evaluation such as wind strength, direction and other weather data from past scenarios.

Smart Data for Mobility und Smart Data Web - Data Analytics for Mobility Services and Supply Chain Management

For industry companies with various suppliers, it is crucial to be informed about current events which can influence their supply chain management. The Target of the App’s purpose is to monitor difficulties in the delivery process due to observing traffic, natural disasters and also economic events of merger and acquisitions of suppliers. This information is coming from websites,Twitter and RSS feeds. The algorithm behind it works as computational linguistics (analyzing words, then sentences and then in which context the sentences are standing), to evaluate their content for the specific use case.


Every minute there is a huge data flow; Tweets, blogs, and news which can be used by companies due to intelligent reporting. ubermetrics is analyzing public information flows of heterogeneous sources for identifying risks, potentials and trends. The gained information helps companies in their decision making processes. The use cases are diverse; From marketing, PR and sales questions, to new product strategies and supply chain management. The analysis can support the decision making process by the evaluation of information for the specific topic.


sd-kama is an information platform for disaster relief management. The platform provides access to a large amount of data from various sources in real time. The platform aggregates information from satellite, traffic and other open data sources, as well as comments, photos and videos uploaded by rescue forces or disaster-affected citizens. In which area are the most of the relief forces needed? With a digital geospatial information system all stakeholders can be coordinated in real time.


The Airport in Stuttgart wants to handle its energy resources more efficiently. Currently these resources are handled independently from each other without causalities. To make savings capacities visible, they use a sensor based Smart Data Platform, which combines data from different resources such as energy management data, weather forecast and information from external (energy) service providers.

Touch Applikation BMWi Research Programs

With our Touch Application, visitors can inform themselves about various research programs and projects as well as about general interesting facts of Big Data and Smart Data. The content can be discovered via different media formats such as video, puzzle plays or quiz games.

Virtual-Reality Demo „Smart Data – Innovations in Data“

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is presenting their research projects of the program “Smart Data – Data Innovations” due to a Virtual Reality Application. The guest can use the VR glasses to be in the role of a fictitious character named Dana Smart who is using Smart Data in her every-day life actions.

Open Roberta

With a programing platform, Fraunhofer IAIS wants to involve school students in programming processes for little Lego robots. The Project has existed since 2014 and is sponsored by Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, Minister of Education and Research.

CUPINTOSH – Hands-On-IoT Demo

CUPINTOSH presents the main functionality of the Internet of Things. A classic coffee cup is connected via sensors with Twitter, so every time someone is lifting the cup, it is sending a tweet.

FZI Cloudbox

Cloud computing allows enterprises to obtain IT resources from specialized providers on-demand, rather than buying and operating them on their own. This includes fundamental infrastructure elements such as servers or storage space, as well as standard and specific software used online. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from cloud computing: they are relieved from basic IT activities, like creating regular backups or updating to the latest software versions, thus focusing on pursuing their actual business objectives. Furthermore, cloud computing makes it possible to adjust the number of resources automatically and dynamically, according to temporary load. Additional servers may be rented for a short period of time (e.g., to prevent the temporary overload of a website), avoiding unnecessary costs when server capacities are not needed any more.

Several Videoteasers

In Smart Data Forum, innovative projects and research groups have the opportunity to present themselves in the video teaser format. The Smart Data Dashboard was developed at the Fraunhofer IPK as part of the research project “Informationsfabrik 4.0”. Based on the common concept of a factory, the project explores and develops the information factory – a digital workbench to produce information. With the help of the dashboard, smart data can be experienced within the collaboration of product developers and operators of the system.

Today, data is the key resource for successful companies. Smart services, innovative range of services and automated operations require a secure exchange and a simple combination of data. Industrial Data Space is an initiative designed for creating a secure data space, enabling companies of various industries, dimensions and sizes to an autonomous management of their data assets.


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