International Networking

We organize international roadshows with mixed participants around different fields of technology from politics, academia, industry and startups, provide an overview to the German digital technologies for foreign visitors and experts, and foster collaboration among European innovation programs and initiatives.

International Roadshows

We organized a “Digital Health” roadshow to the US in 2016, an “Industrie 4.0 and Smart manufacturing” roadshow to Asia in 2017 and our next roadshow in the field of Energy and Mobility will take place in Middle East in 2018.

Asia Roadshow
US Roadshow

German Digital Technologies

We provide an overview to the German digital technologies for foreign visitors and experts. We host foreign delegations in our showroom and we also provide a knowledge pool of German digital technologies and trends.

Algerian Delegation
Qatar Visit
Chinese Delegation

European Partnerships

Alongside our international activities, we look for opportunities to foster collaboration with European initiatives and also provide information on European technology competences and innovation programmes platforms.

» Big Data Centers of Excellence meet at iKnow 2016
» Map of the European Big Data Competence Centers

Big Data Europe

Big Data Europe (BDE) sets its focus on big data projects in social key sectors and believes that innovative technologies, strategies and competencies are necessary for the beneficial use of Big Data to address societal needs. The initiative wants to undertake the foundational work for enabling European companies to build innovative multilingual products and services under a variety of licenses and business models. BDE therefore strives to design and implement an architecture for an infrastructure that meets the requirements of data-intensive science practitioners and takes advantage of the latest European RTD developments, including multilingual data harvesting, data analytics, and data visualization.

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Big Data Value Association

The Big Data Value Association (BDVA) is a fully self-financed not–for-profit organisation under Belgian law. BDVA wants to establish a Public-Private-Partnership with the European Commission to develop and implement a strategic roadmap for research, technological development and innovation in the Big Data Value. It also aims to ensure industrial leadership of providers and users of Big Data Value technologies and establish the excellence of the science base of value creation from Big Data.

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Data Landscape

The European Data Market study aims to define, assess and measure the European data economy, supporting the achievement of the Data Value Chain policy of the European Commission. This strategy is focused on developing a vibrant and innovative data ecosystem of stakeholders driving the growth of this innovative market in Europe by moving from disparate communities to a genuine stakeholders’ ecosystem. The main results of this study will feed into the annual reviews of the Digital Agenda Scoreboard providing valuable data and information.

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European Association for Data Science

The European Association for Data Science (EuADS) aims to provide a forum for research, scientific conduct, promoting transparent access to data, policy making as well as support of young scientists. Scientifically, the Association promotes the development of models, methods and instruments of data science and provides a unique environment for the presentation and discussion of new methods and models in this field. With regard to networking, it aims to bring together stakeholders and decision-makers in this field to address the challenges of data science in the 21st century. Future activities will include conferences, summer schools and thematic workshops.

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European Data Science Academy

The European Data Science Academy (EDSA) will establish a virtuous learning production cycle for Data Science, and will Analyse the sector specific skillsets for data analysts across Europe’s main industrial sectors. It aims to develop modular and adaptable curricula to meet these Data Science needs and deliver training supported by multiplatform and multilingual learning resources based on these curricula. As part of EDSA, initiatives will be structured into integrated learning pathways, translated into European languages, and expanded to meet the requirements for specific sectors.

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EDISON Project

The Horizon 2020 EDISON project aims to establish the data scientist as a profession. This will be achieved by aligning industry needs with available career paths, and supporting academies in reviewing their curricula with respect to expected profiles, required expertise and professional certification.

EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF)

The EDSF is a collection of documents that define the Data Science profession. Freely available, these documents have been developed to guide educators and trainers, employers and managers, and Data Scientists themselves.

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